Online Resources (types of)

There are several useful resources online dedicated to the topic of gang stalking. Below are some of the types of sites I’ve discovered on the internet. While most sites are some combination of the various types, I find it useful to define some categories in order to remind myself to make my own conclusions/observations about what I read and not take the author’s words to be truth without first running them through my own filters.


Some sites are educational, dealing with the history and mechanics of organized stalking. These types of sites are more or less from objective standpoints, and detail the mechanisms as well as effects on targeted individuals.


Some sites are more informational and somewhat sensational, in that they seek to educate people about gang stalking, but tend to be more subjective. While these types of sites can be useful for finding out about the different degrees and wider scope of gang stalking tactics and phenomena, it’s especially important to have your filters in place when reading these kinds of sites. This is not to say that many of this type of site aren’t coming from targeted individuals (or other knowledgeable, legitimate sources) who are genuinely sharing their experiences or knowledge, but just that no two sets of TI experiences are identical and sometimes it can be tempting to look for symptoms of another’s experiences within your own run-ins with organized stalking.

In the case of anecdotal information presented by targeted individuals and other knowledgeable sources, the more objective and helpful sites are the ones whose authors use tones and words that openly indicate and remind the reader that the author’s experiences are just that, their subjective experiences, thoughts and theories. Other signs of a useful informational site is that concepts of liberation and enlightenment, and uplifting messages of encouragement are woven throughout the presented information. There are many sites who seem to dump loads of information about this or that facet of gang stalking and covert harassment, but deliver little to nothing in the way of offering alternative or progressive perspective.

In digging deeper to educate myself about gang stalking, informational sites have been both the best and worst types, in that I’ve found a great deal of useful and inspiring information and perspective from individuals’ sites who have the intent to serve others with their information, and I’ve found some of the most sensationalistic, potentially fear-inducing information which has also been useful, but must be taken with a massive grain of salt, as it were.

I bring up this point because in my own experience, it is common for the systems of control to utilize whatever means they can in the way of disinformation. Gang stalking, specifically, civilian snitch networks and vigilante terrorism, has a long history with various roots such as those drawing from the KKK, Nazi Germany, the Inquisition… Many tactics used in gang stalking have been developed and shared among networks of stalkers. For this reason, it is easier for perps to simply plant the idea that other tactics used in other people’s experiences of covert harassment are being used in your own.

For example, though directed energy weapons are certainly real (microwave ovens, as one of the cruder forms, can be modified to become microwave weaponry) and in this day and age most of us are constantly bombarded by some degree of electromagnetic pollution, it is usually much more efficient to simply suggest that such devices are being used on a person than to actually go about investing the much greater effort it would take to implement this type of weaponry to torture a targeted individual.

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Victim Support Forums

Please note that my opinions and observations below are based on my experiences with the more generic victim’s support forums (that is, those involving one stalker). After posting on one such site early on in my experiences as a target of gang stalking, I started seeing my few threads hijacked by other forum members who would start making weird references that seemed to me connected to the various themes used throughout the harassment I’d experienced. While I know there are good support forums out there, I suggest that you be careful about disclosing any specifics, and that you consider posting in a support forum geared toward organized stalking. You may wish to apply for membership of the forums on this site. The discussion forums on this site are protected (membership is required to view or respond to any posts), and are watched by admins for any signs of harassment or other negative trends.

My advice about general victim’s support forums that are publicly viewable by anyone is quite opinionated: these are better read than written in. Or better for responding to others’ experiences if you feel you can help them or that you can each help one another. But as far as laying out your situation and detailed experiences on one of these more general sites, I don’t recommend it. That’s not to say that sharing your experiences and making your story public isn’t a wise move, because if you feel so inclined, it’s a greatly progressive act of liberation. It’s just that general victim support forums are not your territory, they’re someone else’s. In optimal conditions public support forums will be moderated and relatively unbiased in that targeted individuals are supported and can speak their minds, that is: they (ideally) are neutral ground where people come together to share information. But that is the ideal, and often not the reality.

The difference between sharing your experiences on a public support forum and sharing them via your own website or a protected forum is that with the last two options you retain absolute editorial control over the info you decide to share. (members of the discussion forums on this site can edit their posts at any time)