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As with all other pages of this site, please do not take my word for any of this, and go do your own research. This is just my opinions and explorations based on my observations.

Organized stalking is not about anything the target has done or may do. it’s more about the hidden extra-judicial system that many targets experience, slander and the propagation of false accusations which some perpetrators use to fuel their self-serving notion that the target deserves persecution.

More to point though, gang stalking is a form of covert oppression carried out against all people, targets, perpetrators and the general public alike. The targets are scapegoats. Gang stalking is not really about the target so much as a way to focus the attention of a group of people toward projecting their challenges and shortcomings onto someone else (the target), rather than take the reins, acknowledge the common problem (the common enemy) and confront their own developmental hurdles as well (start applying critical thinking).

Gang stalking appears to be a cultural and social sickness. In many ways targeted individuals are modern shaman, naturally processing many of the darker shadowsof the human Collective Unconscious. Another perspective is that gang stalking appears to manifest from a systemic force that is related to stasis -maintaining the status quo. Mouravieff called this force the General Law. There is also the Law of Exception and a balancing forces, which allow a metered amount of new/unknown into the relatively static system, and allow a small number, yet many individuals, free of the static system –to see a larger perspective of the world and forces acting upon it. (see Mouravieff’s Gnosis series for more on these perspectives). And still others believe that it boils down to the secret societies and wealthy elite, the governments they control, a global system of covert oppression complete with various layers of indoctrination tactics and life-long programming attempts through the media, schools and state sponsored programs like Citizen Corps. I believe the latter is an effect of the former; there are systemic influences and conditions that cause many phenomena geared to keep an individual in line.

What Kind of Person Participates in Organized Stalking?

All factions of mainstream society can become involved in gang stalking; everyone from children to senior citizens can be recruited to participate in spying, harassment and torture of targeted individuals. Governments have used these civilian spy groups in various forms since the Roman Empire. From my own experiences and research, I believe that smaller groups of thrill seekers have adopted the tactics of COINTELPRO, RED SQUAD and similar interrogation and terrorism programs throughout history, and use these to torment targets. -sometimes it is trickle down or direct interference from well established networks, and many times it’s thrill seekers copy catting the nefarious deeds of past criminals, criminal agencies and operations. A well developed and insidious form of government interference are organizations like Citizen Corps, T.I.P.S., Citizens on Phone Patrol. These groups present fronts about keeping America safe, etc. always implying/suggesting these fears that we need to keep an eye out for the bad guys. Such groups patrol neighborhoods, airways, and use illegal surveillance for gathering information, spying, and terrorizing those unfortunate individuals who have made it onto their blacklists.

There really is no distinct age group or sub-culture that gang stalking participants are limited to. I’ve experienced stalking behavior from children as young as 10 all the way up to little old ladies.

Some people end up participating by being recruited into one of the organizations, like Citizen Corps, because they genuinely want to help their community. Such people might think they are volunteering to help keeo their communities safe and prepared for natural disasters, but end up getting sucked into monitoring the lives of innocent people who have been deemed dangerous, as handed down by hidden leaders, to the organizers of these programs. Many citizens neglect to utilize critical thinking to realize that what they are being told about people could possibly be untrue, or they are scared not to comply with these seemingly powerful leader types. Oftentimes these handlers are authoratative and charismatic men who first approach a group of a target’s associates, pretending to be someone very high up in terms of power and influence (though in reality they are just smaller fish higher ups use to leverage their surveillance information).

As a target of gang stalking I’ve seen how respective degrees of personal response-ability (or lack thereof) play out for those affected by mob mentality. Particularly those with low self esteem, an undeveloped ability to think for themselves, a need to fit in to a social group or wield power over others… are prime candidates to be taken into the world of gang stalking, either as malicious and willing participants (thrill seekers) or as somewhat less witting pawns.

In most cases of organized stalking, it appears that weakness of character and maliciousness contribute to the decision of a person to willfully participate in the harming of another. In many cases it’s sick thrill seeking that fuels the desire to participate. In everycase there’s a lack of personal responsibility. Many times this caused by fear. Fear is a very common motivator for people to participate in gang stalking. Many TIs report that harassment against them did not start until they were approached and refused to participate in harassing or terrorizing somedone else.

A Very Brief History of Gang Stalking

Indoctrination and oppression of the masses moved into covert operation during the 20th century. As civil- and inalienable- rightsmoved to the forefront of human consciousness, the powers-that-be who would continue to control the masses by any means necessary switched to experiments involving targeted individuals. Just like with drug trials, at first a hundred people are given a drug, then a thousand, then it is pushed on millions. These experiments involve several types of psychological warfare including street theater, gaslighting, and generally infringing upon the personal space of a target. These attacks are doled out in smaller traumatic events spread across weeks, months and years with the intent to produce cumulative stress. When the target then produces what seems to be irrational behavior, these behaviors are used as evidence against the target to show that they are ‘mentally unsound’ or ‘delusional’.

Following 9-11 and similar ‘terrorist’ events of 2001, various campaigns claiming an agenda of nullifying terrorism and taking out terrorists have further set the stage for presenting an imaginary threat to civilian populations in order to facilitate these mind control experiments on targeted individuals.

For some more educational information about the historical factors leading up to the gang stalking phenomena, you may find the YoutTube videos by this YouTube member to be useful. Particularly these 2 dealing most directly with the topic of targeted individuals:

Targeted Individuals #1

YouTube Preview Image

Targeted Individuals #2

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How are individuals chosen?

You do not need to be someone special to become a target of gang stalking. While some are chosen for their activism, many targets are selected by enemies who then refer the target to one of the civilian watch type groups. Most are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and happen to be noticed and disliked by a member of one of these groups; many are simply picked at random.

From the bottom-up, most of the members of these groups seem to have little idea of the bigger picture, and simply run on orders as handed down from many levels up. Those somewhere in the middle believe that they are ridding the streets of undesirables . That said, in my own experience, it seems clear that many of the stalkers enjoy terrorizing a target; that most stalkers have a goal of scaring a target as much as possible, and basically, are thrill seeking opportunists.

How Perps Get Organized Stalking Groups to Carry out Revenge

There is some discussion among targets about the different types of organized stalking by multiple perpetrators. Labels like proxy stalking, cause stalking and gang stalking are used. Proxy stalking is when one person or a small group of people enlist a third party to carry out stalking. Gang stalking refers more to the phenomena of being stalked by multiple strangers. Cause stalking refers to the mechanics of spreading disinformation about a target in order to enlist gullible-zealous accomplices. I don’t really see the point in arguing over the type of stalking one is being targeted by, though I think it stems from targets trying to piece together HOW and WHY they’ve become targets.

In cases like mine, proxy stalking becomes gang stalking (-proper, to use the distinctions that some TIs prefer). That is someone with the intent to do harm to the individual petitions one of the larger groups of gang stalkers to add the individual (against whom they seek to nullify or enact ‘revenge’ against) to the group’s list of targets.   Then at some point in the campaign the stalking assignment is handed off to whichever groups of stalking enthusiasts are around –it graduates to the wild.

Cause stalking usually plays a part in most targets’ experiences because this is an easily established source of perpetrators –again, various interest groups are told that the target is an enemy to their cause. In this way a target can be harassed by several different interest groups to provide a fuller blanketing on negative experiences.

Taking out the Trash: the cause behind cause stalking

This shoulder patch image expresses the attitude of organized citizen stalkers (borrow from

This shoulder patch image expresses the attitude of organized citizen stalkers (borrowed from

These groups of gang stalkers usually operate under the guise of ‘cleaning up neighborhoods’ and ‘ridding their street of undesirables’, and even ‘defusing threats to national security’, etc. This is exactly the kind of disinformation that similar networks of civilians in Russia and East Germany were told when recruited into these kinds of terrorist programs.

Psychological Warfare

Essentially, these network of spy groups operate through various applications of psychological warfare. Despite claims of patriotism found in some of the larger ‘civilian watch groups’, the main reason people consciously participate in these activities is for the sense of adventure and power they feel.

Every TI’s experience with gang stalking is different, but whether you’re dealing with or have dealt with larger civilian stalking groups or some group of neighborhood idiots who have decided to try and make your life hell, as far as I can tell organized stalking groups ALWAYS try to appear bigger and more tightly knit than they really are.

Government Involvement

While there is much evidence and information regarding the involvement of government agencies with regard to gang stalking, and there are historical events that have primed society for this kind of war on their fellow beings, I think that focusing on what we as individuals can do is a much more proactive stance. It is certainly educational to learn about the history and top-down organization of these networks of harassment, and these perspectives show that people beginning to see the systemic nature and inherent challenges we face in overcoming these darker chapters of human history. Yet, as individuals it is up to each of us to better ourselves and the world through applying what we learn in meaningful ways.  Whether or not directly state sponsored groups are behind the covert harassment crimes in a given situation, one thing that is certain is that state sponsored agencies originally constructed to help victims of crime are turning a blind eye to gang stalking crimes.

For example,

Currently, the National Center for Victims of Crime is receiving thousands of calls each month, totaling about 10% of their call volume, related to gang stalking crimes. These callers’ requests for help are rejected due to funding clauses as dictated by the Department of Justice. What can you do? Call the NCVC at 800-394-2255 and report the crimes you have experienced, ask about the number of gang stalking related calls they receive, ask why these crimes and requests for help are being ignored. Document the information you discover and share it with others.

The way these networks of criminals are able to continue their crimes is through the atomization of targets and general ignorance of the public. There is strength in numbers. Let’s make our numbers count. As increasing numbers of people awaken we are and will continue to form friendly alliances. Even the smallest groups of individuals aligning their Will are immensely stronger than even multitudes of nefarious entities, greater than the sum of our parts.

Personal Response-ability

What is personal responsibility? In short, it is one’s right to respond in conscious ways to the events and people they encounter. What is responding in a ‘conscious way’? We each have the ability of applying critical thinking and introspection. When we are fully present and in the momentwe are utilizing our critical thinking, we are consciously deciding which actions to take. When acted upon (or action happens near to us and stands to affect us) personal responsibility means we are consciously deciding how to react, or better yet, to take a proactive stance. Proaction does not mean an aggressive disagreement, but rather choosing our action based on greater data than that which the external influence in question provides. –To realize that if given a limited set of options we are yet free to choose another path altogether.

Only through personal responsibility is freedom possible. Whether toward the exercising of our personal rights, or standing up for the rights of others, personal responsibility means doing the right thing even if it’s not popular, even if there is no mundane reward, and even if no one is looking. The ‘right thing’ is indicated by our inner sense of knowing, which is supplemented by our observations, which we are always updating.

Even the least witting accomplices are, in fact, responsible for their actions no matter how unwilling they are to take the reins. Whether this means thinking for themselves rather than believing slander about a target, or being accountable for their actions even though such crimes have been sanctioned by their group leaders’ indoctrination. All accomplices to organized stalking are responsible for their actions. On the other hand, targets are also responsible for learning what they need to in order to shrug off the targeted negativity an d get on with their lives. It’s not the target’s fault, but they are the only ones who can learn not to be intimidated by gang stalking tactics.

Above all else, knowledge and free will are keys not only to survival, but key to getting on with living. So let’s get on with pursuing our passions, development and networking with others on similar paths.

For a deeper look at the metaphysical mechanics behind gang stalking phenomena, you might enjoy

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