The goal of this site is to share what I know about gang stalking, one of several forms of covert manipulation.

I primarily wish to offer my voice to those of you waking up to discover you’ve become a target of covert manipulation. Knowledge is the key to freeing ourselves from oppression and getting on with pursuing our passions and personal development. I’ve found many sources of additional perspective that have helped me enhance my own. Likewise, I seek to present my knowledge in the event that others may find something of my perspective helpful. If you find something useful in what I relate, appropriate it, adapt it to suit your journey and leave the rest.

What you’ll find here are my observations and analysis of covert oppression, along with some frank accounts of my experiences. In gathering experience and developing understanding, I’ve discovered truths that challenge my own beliefs as well as broach the confines of many commonly held beliefs about the nature of reality. Take only what you find useful –that which resonates with your intuition and observations.

Systemic Indoctrination

The Age of Enlightenment brought the world to a surface consensus where the rights of the individual took precedence over submission to a political/territorial state. Today such ideals are also held in high esteem. Yet the nature of humankind, namely our seeming need to control our environment and the other beings around us did not conveniently disappear. Rather, control of others has become a covert endeavor.

In daily use of language and other meta communications most of us experience subtler forms of covert manipulation, as both controller and receiver. Many us have adopted various indoctrination techniques and habits from those around us. For the most part these are unconscious habits not intended to harm. When it comes to gang stalking, though, methods of covert control are carried out with an intent to harm (whether intended by perpetrators or those manipulating them).

Indoctrination is a core element to gang stalking. For those seeking freedom, learning to discern attempts by others to limit our perspective is par for the course. For those seeking to control others, indoctrination can be an effective tool for controlling a person’s view of reality… only so far as we allow our perspective to be hijacked by those who seek to gain from our loss.

Gang stalking and other forms of covert oppression are symptoms of imbalance. Apparently this cultural disease has come to a boiling point as evidenced by the increased numbers of people waking up and actively struggling to take on these issues. Since there is a clear connection between the less-intentional, commonplace methods of covert control found in daily interactions, and the intentional, extreme versions found in organized stalking, we must aim the spotlight at ourselves while we work our way toward greater understanding.

This is a systemic issue effecting every member of humankind. We are not only fighting external influences, but internal influences. We are having to become aware of our own internal symptoms of cultural indoctrination.

You are the highest authority in your universe. You may request assistance from contemporaries and more advanced entities, but for most practical purposes, when it comes to discerning negative from positive influences or sorting through these layers when it comes to our interactions with others and learning to overcome covert oppression, you are the ultimate judge.